The federal government mandated that every person has the right to see a copy of their credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus once each year. If you would like to see your report and have not used the service in the last twelve months you should be eligible. If you have seen your report because someone else like a bank or loan company pulled your credit that does not count for what we are doing here. Paying to get your report directly from the credit reporting agencies does not count here either, nor do any of those "Free Credit Report" services where you are really signing up for a monthly service but they lead you in with a "Free Credit Report". Only free reports that you order yourself count for your one time annual free report promised by the new law.

Don't expect this to be quick or super easy and when you do get your reports they may be confusing and you will not see a score. They make you pay for learning your official credit score. Especially if you have not ever seen a copy of your credit report or not seen it in a while ordering your free report should prove interesting and worthwhile. If you and your spouse each want your own reports, and you should, each of you must do them separately. Click the link below to start the process, a new window will open with the official site to order your free annual credit report. It will take 3 times as long, but get a report from each of the 3 bureaus. While most information ends up being duplicated one of the functions you need to perform involves checking for errors. The only way to be sure there exist no errors on any or your credit reports is to see all your credit reports. Once you have seen your credit reports and anylized them return here and continue with this guide. The guide may take you back to the start where you select your credit grade because after reading the reports your answer may have changed.

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