The next step would usually involve attempting to rebuild your credit. In theory one may sometimes rebuild new credit at the same time they deal with their old debt. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy situation all of this becomes very complicated because new debt requires specific court approval. While there may be some suggestions offered here, in a chapter 13 bankruptcy you and your bankruptcy lawyer need to plan things together. Do not take it upon yourself to do anything involving new debt or credit without discussing it and coordinating it with your bankruptcy attorney. Depending on your own reorganization plan, assets and state exemptions you may be able to start rebuilding your credit in a few ways. First of all starting to make payments on time for any loans such as mortgages or car loans that have been included in your plan could start to help your credit, particularly in cases where you have failed to make payments for several months. In addition you might consider either getting a secured card before you file bankruptcy or applying for a secured credit card while in the period of reorganization. If you try to gain a secured credit card before filing a chapter 13 you must pay attention to a few details. Don't charge anything you will include in the bankruptcy; that would be fraud. The balance on your savings account must be included as an asset. You and your bankruptcy attorney need to decide if you want to make sure you have no debt balance on the secured credit card when you file or if you want to call it a secured asset. There may also be issues with making payments on that card being considered a preference, while I don't think it would be if not approached properly these all represent technical legal points and waters you should not try to navigate on your own. If you get into your period of reorganization with the secured card in place you could use it to rebuild credit while you paid off the rest of your plan. Once you are in a plan you could apply for a new credit card. At that stage keep in mind you need court approval. The court may want to know where the money came from if you have money for a new secured savings account, and they may want to take it for other creditors instead. If the courts approves the transaction and the bank includes the transaction you could get a card, use it wisely and start rebuilding during the chapter 13 reorganization period. Once again, view these as ideas, before taking any action talk to your own bankruptcy attorney! After you have gone over things with your lawyer you may proceed to the next set of options here in the guide.