These choices depend on what you want to know and how serious you might be about the whole credit repair and rebuilding process. The first choice (a) presents you with the most comprehensive option. There you will get all three of your credit reports and all three scores. If you don't mind paying around $40 per person that gets you the most information. From there things depend on why you elected not to take that option. If it was strictly a money issue you could take choice (d) and get free copies of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. Armed with that information you could tell the program when it next asks your credit choose (e) for an estimated credit score. If you want a more official assessment but do not want to spend so much, choose (b) for get your true score from one agency for $16. If you know you have errors on your report you could get a free score and access to all reports using option (c) than either make use of the automated credit repair service or cancel the enrollment within 5 days to avoid charges. You could also get your free reports from all three credit agencies either before or after you get the free score estimate or your official score from one credit bureau.