Budget choice (c) merely shows a budget worksheet you may print and from there do all calculations on your own. The budget tool in choice (b) allows you to enter the information you choose into an interactive spreadsheet and it performs the calculations for you to show the total of the numbers you input on the sheet. But (b) just does that addition; if you enter inaccurate numbers it accepts them and adds them. The budget program in choice (a), when used properly, will figure out if you have not included all of your expenses. Not knowing where you money goes ranks as one of the leading causes for bankruptcy filings unrelated to specific events like a medical situation or a loss of job. Budget tool (a) forces you to re-work you budget until it thinks you have accounted for all income and expenses, until you do it lets you know when you have missed something. When you finally get all of your income and expenses on the sheet, the program analyzes your budget to warn you if you have been overspending or living beyond your means. Budget choice (a) provides a much more powerful tool and should be used by anyone whose issues have a root in budgeting. Those whose problems have nothing to do with budgets might just do (b) or (c) if they feel (a) would require too much effort.