While many options exist to deal with debt some may lie beyond your reach financially while others may jeopardize your other assets. In order to make the best decision for yourself you need to fully understand your financial situation. In my years as a debtor attorney I found many people in debt over their heads got there because they did not have a firm enough grip on their spending habits. Your next step here involves making sure you truly understand where you spend all of your money. You have indicated that before your one time negative event you had no major financial trouble. If you feel you have the exact accurate picture of your monthly spending etched in your mind you may skip the budget programs and move to the next section. I would still suggest you go though one of the budget programs as a review and confirmation of what you think. The first program I will offer may be confusing at first, but the answers it yeilds may surpise you. Use the tutorial if you need extra help. If you can't get through the first program try the second. To intelligently decide how to address your debt you need to know how much money you can afford each month on paying it. Even if the answer comes out as pennies on what you owe, nothing at all or you can have it all paid off in a few months, you need to know the facts and move forward with a solution that fits your true standing.