In my years as a debtor attorney I found many people in debt got there because they did not have a firm enough grip on their spending habits. Perhaps you have debt, perhaps you don't have any debt. Your next step here involves making sure you truly understand where you spend all of your money. The following program may be confusing at first, but work through it, the answers it may force you to face might change your life. Use the tutorial if you need extra help. To intelligently decide how to address your future you need to know how much money you can afford each month on new bills you may incur as well as addressing any existing debt. Even if the answer comes out that you currently live beyond your means even without the debt, you need to know the facts and move forward with solutions that fits your true standing. If you are doing well the program can help with education savings or retirement planning. While some of you may end up using the more basic budget program or the paper worksheets or feel this represents overkill for your situation, I would still encourage you to make your best effort at going through the more comprehensive interactive personal budget program. If you feel you would rather skip this budget section completely will have that chance too.