Sometimes people find themselves in a position where they need credit and need it before it can be established in the usual way. While nothing can fully replace building credit in the manner preferred by the banks, there do exist a few things that people requiring credit faster than that may try.

If you currently rent a house or apartment you can arrange to have the rent payments verified and submitted to the credit bureaus. This service costs almost $100 a year, but it does offer an extra option for those people with a good rental history and the need for a good credit report fast to get a jump start.

While we have rent on the table, make sure the landlord knows you are one of the tenants. If you just share a place with someone and a bank you apply to needs to check your payment history it might kill the deal when the landlord says they have no idea who you are. The same thing goes for utility bills and phone bills. Sometimes these types of accounts can be used to fill in gaps when little or no credit exists, but to use these accounts to your advantage you have to have them in your name.

Charge account at local stores can provide some extra evidence of your ability to pay your bills and department store credit card or gas company credit cards would be even better as these cards will likely report directly to the credit bureaus. The fact that you find yourself in this section of the guide indicates that you do not yet have these types of accounts established already and you may not have time to do it now. If you did have time however, department store credit cards or gas company credit cards can be a great way to provide you with some of the credit cards you need to get things established.

If time did not come into play at all you might want to get a secured credit card to get things started and then after a few months you could use the credit you had built up to get an unsecured credit from a major national provider that you could keep for many years to come. Since one of the elements of your credit score calculates how long you have had credit established opening an account early that you may never close can be a great long term plan. The bad credit cards and secured credit cards will likely be accounts you will close when your credit score gets high enough.

If you happen to need a car anyway, many dealers have special programs for people with bad credit or no credit. If you have a job and a downpayment you may be surprised at how easy it may be to get a car loan from a dealer skilled in using these programs. Keep your eyes wide open to make sure you are not overpaying for the car and that you receive a fair interest rate, understanding that a fair rate for someone with low or no credit might be 5-10% higher than for someone with good credit. At the same time, rates of 29% should set off the alarms that something is very wrong.